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Committed to Doing Things the Right Way

The owners of Advanced Carbide Grinding
Owners pictured from left to right: Jim Elliott, Ed Beck, Marty Elliott, Dave Butz

The idea to form Advanced Carbide Grinding developed when four experienced guys in a grinding shop decided they should go into business for themselves with a commitment to doing things the right way.

So, in 1999, Ed Beck, Dave Butz, Marty Elliott and Jim Elliott set up shop in a space no bigger than a garage. By dedicating themselves to making sure that every job meets the highest quality standards, they started to attract customers from throughout western Pennsylvania.

Today, Advanced Carbide Grinding runs 3 shifts in a 100,000 square-foot facility in Derry, PA, about 45 miles east of Pittsburgh. To make sure the company has the latest technology, the owners are committed to making large capital investments each year.

In 2012, Advanced Carbide Grinding purchased nearly $2 million worth of new equipment. This investment is one of the many ways we're true to our Mission Statement every day.

At Advanced Carbide Grinding, our pride comes through in the quality of everything we manufacture, and in the personalized service we give every customer.

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Advanced Carbide Grinding's facility
100,000 sq. ft. office and manufacturing facility in Derry, PA.
Our 100,000 sq. ft. facility
Aerial view of our facility from Google Earth.
Advanced Carbide Grinding
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