Committed to Excellence

At Advanced Carbide Grinding, we're not satisfied unless everything we produce is made to your exact specifications. By investing in a wide range of inspection equipment, we ensure that our OD, ID, Cutoff, Honing, Surface, Precision Surface, CNC, Form Grinding, Centerless, Polish, Machining, Wheel Dressing operations result in the high-quality machining and grinding you expect to find in our non-fluted tapered endmills, drill blanks, reamers, carbide bushings and plastic injection nozzles for applications in the Aerospace, Ammunition Dies, Automotive, Cold Heading, Energy, Honing, Round Tools and Wear Parts markets.

Our comprehensive array of inspection equipment includes:

Deltronic Optical Comparator 30" Mitutoyo Surface Tester Brown & Sharp CMM Sheffield Shadow Gauge
  • (2)- Deltronic optical comparators 14"
  • (1)- Deltronic optical comparator 30"
  • (2)- OPG optical comparator 14"
  • (1)- Micro VU optical comparator 14"
  • (1)- Mitutoyo Laser scan micrometer
  • (1)- Mitutoyo tool maker microscope
  • (2)- Mitutoyo surface tester
  • (1)- Sunnen surface tester
  • (1)- Sheffield shadow gauge
  • (1) CMM Brown & Sharp
  • (1) Rockwell Tester #19
  • (1) Rockwell Tester Leco R-600

If you have questions about our Quality procedures or equipment, contact us.

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